Climateric fruits control using photocatalytic degradation of ethylene


For climacteric fruits (such as apples, bananas, and tomatoes), postharvest ripening is highly determined by the ambient concentration of ethylene (C2H4).

Hence, effective control of the storage atmosphere can positively decrease fruit respiration rate and retard the ripening processes. A promising technology to achieve this goal is photocatalysis on semiconductor metal oxides such as TiO2.

The proposal connects two expert research groups on the fields of photocatalysis in Brazil and Italy to joint efforts to investigate ethylene degradation using innovative visible light- responsive photocatalysts (Ag2MoO4, Ag3PO4, g-C3N4, TiO2 possibly doped or decorated and their composites). Experimental approach will be used to investigate photocatalytic reaction kinetics, optimize photocatalyst properties and evaluate process efficiency targeting the development of cost-effective photocatalysts useful to be applied in the climacteric fruits ripening.



Profa. Dra. Regina de Fatima Peralta Muniz Moreira
Department of Chemical and Food Engineering – Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina (UFSC) – Brazil


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